Yii2: Posting Data via Link

This seems to be undocumented (or not so well documented) at the moment. Yii2 provides special supports which allows you to post data via clicking a link.

<?= Html::a('Text', 
    ['/controller/action'], [
    'data-method' => 'POST',
    'data-params' => [
        'param1' => 1,
        'param2' => 2,
]) ?>


  • Line 3: Specifying the method, eg ‘GET’, ‘POST’, ‘PUT’
  • Line 4: Data to be posted.

To get posted data in the action:

public function actionAction () {
    $param1 = Yii::$app->request->post('param1', null);
    $param2 = Yii::$app->request->post('param2', null);

WordPress: Extra content with Simple Fields

WordPress allows adding extra content to your post or page contents with custom fields. This is useful if the the content is simple text value. You can still use it for other types of data such as image and radio buttons. But it’d be nice if there’s a nice user interface to simplify the process, to allow different types of input and to validate the input.

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