I’m a programmer but i often forget about simple things. So I decided to create this blog to keep notes about anything and everything I need for future references.

The notes will be mostly based on what I work on, which is mostly web development, or links to any useful applications, tools and resources.

The idea is not original. It’s inspired by scriptygoddess, which is one of my online resources.

I tried to start up a similar blog a few years ago but it was abandoned after a few posts. I’m frustrated having to look up how-to information on the same or similar topics over and over again. So I decide to do it again.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a resourceful site for others too.

About the Name

I love pretty things and I love the word pretty. This site is about codes and scripts. It’s named pretty scripts because it sounds better than pretty codes or any other combination with the word pretty.

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