Yii2: Authorization without RBAC

While RBAC allows you to define collection of permissions for your application, sometimes you just want something simpler to control access to certain pages. The simplest way to define your own access rule without using RBAC is to make use of $matchCallback property when definining Access Control rules. In behaviors() function in Controller or Module:

Yii2: Posting Data via Link

This seems to be undocumented (or not so well documented) at the moment. Yii2 provides special supports which allows you to post data via clicking a link. Note: Line 3: Specifying the method, eg ‘GET’, ‘POST’, ‘PUT’ Line 4: Data to be posted. To get posted data in the action:

Yii2: Ajax Gridview

Want to navigate through the grids or trying to sort and filter data without waiting for the entire page to load? You need yii\widgets\Pjax and wrap it around GridView.