Form Test Plugin for b2evolution to prevent spams

No one likes getting spams. This blog has been getting lots of spams with non-sense messages until this plugin is installed. It can’t prevent comments submitted manually and intentionally, but it prevents automated submissions.

I decided to develop this plugin since there isn’t one available. Well… there was one but it was for older versions of b2evo. I couldn’t get it to work and now the link is broken. While i love b2evolution, its plugin directory is very outdated and it’s frustrating you can’t find anything up-to-dated.

This plugin simply adds a simple verification field to comment form. There are 2 types of verifications – alphanumeric text or simple 1-digit arithmetic calculation. Comment will only be submitted if the correct random text is entered or the math calculation is answered correctly. Both the text and math questions are generated randomly.

Current version only adds the field to comment form. Ideally it should applies to all forms but preventing unwanted comments is my priority.

Logged in users will not see this field.

This plugin is developed in b2evo V4 but has also been tested in V5-alpha. However CAPTCHA¬†/ Turing feature has been added in V5 so you have the option to use the built-in feature if you’re using V5 and above.


Not sure which one to use. basically it’s free. you can do whatever you want with it.

Tt’s greatly appreciated if you could link back to this post and contribute a small donation.


0.1 – initial beta release.
0.2 – simplify the random text and allows numeric answer to math question.


  • download the plugin. untar.
  • upload the folder to plugins directory.
  • Activate the plugin via plugins menu.
  • In plugin settings, choose verification type. Verification prefix is simply for a hidden field in the form for verification purpose.


Please report any issues to the project page so i can easily keep track of any problems.

If you have used this plugin on your site, i’d love to see it! please leave your links and let me know what you think in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Form Test Plugin for b2evolution to prevent spams

  1. Daniel Reply

    Hi, I used this plugin on my site, and seems to work fine. I will see in a few days if the incoming spam drops. Thanks for publishing it!

  2. Taylor Slow Reply

    Hello — a belated thanks to you for this very useful and effective plugin, which I’ve been using for some time. I’ve really noticed a decrease in the amount of spam.

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