Symfony Plugin: Manual Install and Uninstall

Symfony’s command line plugin install and uninstall tasks don’t work – this could be because the server I’m working on does not have internet connection. So i have to do things manually.

If you’re having problem running Symfony’s command, you can do it manually too!

Manual install

  • Download the package from plugins site (if not previously downloaded)
  • Unzip / untar the file. If the directory contain version number, rename it.
  • Copy the directory to /path/to/your/project/plugins.
  • Do the normal setup
    • edit config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php to add the new plugin
    • run symfony plugin:publish-assets

Manual uninstall

  • Delete the plugin directory from /path/to/your/project/plugins
  • Edit config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php to remove the plugin
  • Run symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Search for any other ‘traces’ of this plugin. If running from unix server, from project root, run find . -name “name_of_plugin*” -print. Adding ‘*’ to the name make sure you will not miss any files.
  • If there are any files and diretories with this plugin name, delete them
  • Run symfony cc to clear everything

6 thoughts on “Symfony Plugin: Manual Install and Uninstall

  1. Zenius Reply

    I’m in the process of learning Diem, a Symfony based CMS. These tips were copy pasted to my personal knowledge base. Thank you for these. I found them by having googled 4 different search keywords with no luck until this 🙂

  2. Olemis Lang Reply

    This is a very good tutorial for people like me who can’t install plugins due to error messages like “The channel symfony does not support the REST protocol” , …

    Thnx for sharing

  3. Nick Reply

    The symfony project creation done via composer.phar do not include symfony.php in the project root nor in any other place right now on my linux machine, so it is not possible for me to run $symfony command.
    As far as you know is there a way to install plugins without running $symfony command?

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