Useful Firefox Addons

I’ve been using Firefox since it was in beta and love it! The only times i’m forced to use IE is to access sites that supports IE only (shame on you!)

OK, there’s another incident when i have to use IE. to make sure the websites i developed work and look good on IE. Just because there are still lots of users who think IE is the browser.

For web development, Firefox is a more superior browser. It has addons to aid development.

Here are some of the addons i use (all free!):

  • FireFTP – ftp client.
  • Web Developer Tools – adds a menu on firefox with various tools for web developers, read this about its uses.
  • ColorZilla – eyedropper and color picker.
  • Show IP – shows the IP address of the current web site, so I can distinguish if I’m looking at production or development version – at work production and development are on different servers.
  • Flashblock – as name suggests, block flash, kill annoying flash ads.
  • Firebug – great debugger for web developers.

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