Migrating from b2evolution to WordPress

Update: There’s updated post addressing issues with the script.

This site was recently migrated from b2evolution to WordPress. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. There’s nothing wrong with b2evolution. It’s a very powerful CMS / blogging engine, and in my opinion, it’s more powerful than WordPress. When I started this site I had grand plan such as starting a community to share codes and it was the perfect product. However I just ended up not doing it. Nowadays I just need a blog and it seems too much for a blog.

Most migration tools I found were either for older versions of b2evolution, or there were complaints not fully functional or various other issues. Or they’re NOT free!

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WordPress: Expose username fix and hide author page

It’s inevitable that hackers want to break into your site. With some of the WordPress-based sites I managed, I’m surprised to find that no matter what username changed to, even if the name is very cryptic, there are hacking attempts with those usernames! I looked everywhere to ensure username is not exposed yet they could still find it!

Are hackers really that smart?

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Making Foundation 5 top bar working with WordPress Menu

wp_nav_menu() is a WordPress function to display menu defined with register_nav_menus() in functions.php.

When using foundation framework in a WordPress theme, the standard way to use wp_nav_menu() works if you have a single-level menu, ie no drop-downs. It’s when it’s a multi-level menu with sub-menu in the drop-down that it won’t look nor work properly because foundation has define a set of classes to make it work and those classes aren’t standard in WordPress.

To make it work, you need to call a walker class. Luckily someone has done the hardwork and the code can be easily incorporated to a WordPress theme.

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Foundation Reveal and Slick Carousel

I was working on a website using Foundation Framework. It requires a slideshow on a modal window, which I made use of components that comes with foundation – Reveal and Orbit slider.

I’ve used orbit on a few projects. However problem is encountered when working on this particular project, which I believe is due to its use in conjunction with Reveal. The slideshow works perfectly upon loading. But for some unknown reason it stopped working after a while – no response and images won’t slide. You need to reload the page again to make it working again.

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