Instagram widget for b2evolution or your website

Update: The following instruction in no longer valid. Creating an account is now required. There’s $0 plan but I’ve not tried it since the change.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing services. it’s quite common to display Instagram photos on websites.

I thought about writing a plugin for b2evolution since it doesn’t seem to have existed yet. However after doing some research via google (as always), I find it’s easier to just add the code to the website rather than writing the plugin.

The service is provided by SnapWidget, which displays Instagram photos as grid, slideshow or photomap. It’s free too!

Simply go to the site, fill in the form (scroll down the page a bit). It will generate a code to be copy-and-pasted to your site.

If your site is powered by b2evolution, to add to your sidebar:

  • from tool bar menu on top of the site, select Blog > Blog Settings > Widgets
  • add widget, select free HTML, paste the code.

Now, this is easier than writing a plugin!

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