b2evo: Comments or Trackback Spams

Every now and then I get spams in my trackbacks and comments with non-sense messages. Not those that tell you how-to-be-a-man kind of spam. Nor advertisements of some sites or services. Just some random string that doesn’t make sense.

I can’t block it because it’s using google’s various URLs as URL. This blog is setup to allow traffics from search engines and that will block lots of my traffic!

There’s a solution, whoo’s antispam technique to rename URL for comments and trackbacks:

  • rename the default htsrv to anything (no spaces)
  • edit conf/_advanced.php, locate $htsrv_subdir and change to the new name above

This did cut down some spams. But i still get them. Somehow they managed to find the new URL even if I do change it regularly!

I don’t know what these non-sense spams do. Is it pranks? Or there are hidden hacks? If you know something, please leave your responses in the comments.

I didn’t think about blocking ip addresses because it can be easily changed, eg it’s changed when you change ISP. But some close investigation shows that they are mostly from the same IP addresses or in the same group. Ok, block them with .htaccess!

In .htaccess, locate this section:

<Limit GET POST>
    order allow,deny
    deny from [ip address here]
    deny from [ip address 2 here]
    allow from all

This did stop some spams.

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