b2evo: Quickly insert images into blog posts without saving post first

b2evo changed how adding images to blog post works since V3.

To add images (or files), the post has to be saved (as draft) first. This is rather inconvenient. What if, i decided i don’t want to publish the post after ‘all the hard work’? Yes, the post can be deleted or overwritten, but I’d rather not doing it.

I guess this is required because of linking images and template resizing of images, which to date, I still have no idea how it works and what it really does. <– poor documentation.

Sadly such complicated process continues in latest release V403.

There is a solution

Install quick upload plugin. It adds a ‘Quick Upload’ button under the text editor. Images can now be added on demand without the need to save the post first.

Wish i had discovered this plugin sooner!

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