Migrating from b2evolution to WordPress

Update: There’s updated post addressing issues with the script.

This site was recently migrated from b2evolution to WordPress. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. There’s nothing wrong with b2evolution. It’s a very powerful CMS / blogging engine, and in my opinion, it’s more powerful than WordPress. When I started this site I had grand plan such as starting a community to share codes and it was the perfect product. However I just ended up not doing it. Nowadays I just need a blog and it seems too much for a blog.

Most migration tools I found were either for older versions of b2evolution, or there were complaints not fully functional or various other issues. Or they’re NOT free!

Until I found this free tool. It’s not a plugin. It’s a script that you download and run via your browser. Simply enter database details for b2evolution site, chose a few options and let it do it’s magic!

FYI, this blog was migrated from b2evolution V5.2.2 to WordPress V4.4.2 with download file named b2wp_kp.zip.

Ok, it’s not entirely magical.

There were issues with this migration script:

  1. Pages were imported as post.
  2. Slugs were not imported.

I could’ve tried to hack the script to fix these issues, but I’m lazy. Luckily there are so many WordPress plugins (another reason I made the switch) to fix these issues.

Fixing issue 1

Use Post Type Switcher.

Edit the post. While in editing UI, look for the Publish box (the first box) on the right hand side. There’s an option to switch it from Post to Page.

Fixing issue 2

Download Generate Slugs Plugin.

Once enabled, go to Tools > Generate Slugs, and click Generate Post Slugs button.

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