setup a multilingual wordpress website with qtranslate

by prettyscripts on 2013-07-05 10:19


i have mentioned in a previous post that qtranslate is one of the essential wordpress plugins to setup a multilingual site. i ended up choosing this plugin because it's seo-friendly and it's easy to manage content - all languages for the same page and post are edit in the same editor.

the default languages for the plugin are german, english and chinese. i usually work with english sites. this post basically is a note on how to remove german from default, since i don't work with this language.

at the time of writing, i'm using qtranslate V2.5 with wordpress V3.5.

first, download the plugin.

activate the plugin as shown below:

qtranslate plugin

to access the plguin, from left menu, select setting > languages, as shown:

qtranslate plugin

you will see the default languages setup as shown (you an also change the order of langauge from the same section):

qtranslate plugin

scroll down the page, you will see a table of available languages as shown:

qtranslate plugin

click the disable link.

repeat the above step to remove chinese, if that's not required.

from the same table, you can enable the languages you're going to work with. simply click enable link.

if the required language is not on the list, you can easily add a new langauge to the form to the left of the table the enable it.

when you're editing a post or page, you will see additional tabs to the editor with the enabled languages. simply click the required tab to add / edit language content.