WordPress: Page Categories and Tags

In WordPress, you cannot add pages to Categories.

One of the things I need to do is to create pages and to catergorize those pages. Doing so is straight forward in b2evolution, where categories and tags are available to pages by default.

Not only category is not available to WordPress pages. Tags and excerpts are also not available! Why would WordPress assume that these aren’t required?

Thankfully there are plugins.

After trying out a few plugins, I ended up using ninja page categories and tags because it’s simple and it works. Once installed Categories and Tags sections are automatically displayed in page editing page.

By default, when showing a category, page is not included. To include pages, add codes to functions.php.

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  1. Brenda Reply

    I am more of a drupal person there are more options and there are far greater themes for your business might it be small or big business.

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