You can lie about your browser

Using Firefox to access a site built for IE only? (shame on them!) just download and add user agent switcher addon to your Firefox and pretend to be IE. Be warned that the website may not function property if it uses non-standard and IE specific functions. In this case it’s best to use IE.

IE in Firefox

As much as I try to avoid IE and try to promote Firefox or any other open source browsers, IE still dominates the browser market. As web developer I still need to ensure the site works and looks right on IE. But it’s a pain having to open (and wait for it to load) and close…

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Useful Firefox Addons

I’ve been using Firefox since it was in beta and love it! The only times i’m forced to use IE is to access sites that supports IE only (shame on you!) OK, there’s another incident when i have to use IE. to make sure the websites i developed work and look good on IE. Just…

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