Yii2: Ajax Gridview

Want to navigate through the grids or trying to sort and filter data without waiting for the entire page to load? You need yii\widgets\Pjax and wrap it around GridView.

Yii: Autocomplete field with CJuiAutoComplete

I have previously written a post on the same topic with CAutoComplete. Since CAutoComplete is deprecated (since V113) and replaced with CJuiAutoComplete, I should keep my notes up-to-dated. I find that CJuiAutoComplete is easier to implement. The following is based on a this forum post. View file or the form

Yii: AJAX Autocomplete Field

Note: CAutoComplete is deprecated as of V113 and replaced with CJuiAutoComplete. Please refer to this post if you’re using V113+. Yii framework comes with CAutoComplete widget for this purpose. However by default, the displayed value is saved to the database. Thankfully there’s tutorial to show how to display one value but save the id to…

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