Form Test Plugin for b2evolution to prevent spams

No one likes getting spams. This blog has been getting lots of spams with non-sense messages until this plugin is installed. It can’t prevent comments submitted manually and intentionally, but it prevents automated submissions. I decided to develop this plugin since there isn’t one available. Well… there was one but it was for older versions…

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b2evo: Plugin Basics

Like WordPress, b2evolution has user contributed plugin directory. However, many are outdated and many link to nowhere (ie broken links). Can’t really find what I want there. (Update: found a plugin directory hosted on SourceForge.) I attempted to write my own. However there aren’t much resources on how to do it, other than looking at plugins shipped with the…

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b2evo vs wordPress: Multiple blogs and sites

Note: this is not going to be a thorough comparision. It’s just an initial thought since i haven’t fully tested the feature in WordPress. A bit of history A few years ago (around 2006 or 2007) I decided to self-host my blogs and was looking for a software. WordPress seemed to be the obvious choice because…

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