Chive: phpMyAdmin alternative?

I recently discovered Chive from Yii‘s home page, one of my most frequently visited site recently since I’m currently working on a project based on Yii Framework. What is Chive? from the site: Chive is a free, open source, web-based database management tool, designed to bring joy to web developers – with easy administration, super…

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Yii: Soft delete behavior

In general I don’t physically delete records in database. I use soft delete, so that data are easier to recover and re-instate. However, soft delete is not available in Yii. Codes generated by Gii physically deletes a record.

Symfony and Doctrine: Default table collation, a better solution

As of symfony 1.4 and if working with doctrine, there are still problem setting default and correct table encoding and collations with symfony doctrine:build task. I have previously posted 2 solution. The first involves hacking the core code, which needs to be done with every symfony upgrade. The second involves adding options to set default encoding and…

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Symfony: Doctrine build-all and table collation

When working on Symfony project it’s common to run symfony doctrine:build-all (update – in V1.4 symfony doctrine:build –all) constantly. But after the command is run, the collation / encoding is changed to something that wasn’t used when the database was created. For instances, the database was created with utf8_general_ci. When the task is run, it’s…

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