Symfony: Doctrine version of autocompleter widget from sfFormExtraPlugin

Though it’s not yet formally documented (as this post is written) from sfFormExtraPlugin‘s readme page, there is doctrine version for autocomplete field called sfWidgetFormDoctrineJQueryAutocompleter included with the latest version of the plugin (v 1.1.1). There’s a simple tutorial but it’s about how to use the propel version of the widget (scroll down to section titled Autocomplete). I can’t…

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Symfony and Doctrine: Default table collation, a better solution

As of symfony 1.4 and if working with doctrine, there are still problem setting default and correct table encoding and collations with symfony doctrine:build task. I have previously posted 2 solution. The first involves hacking the core code, which needs to be done with every symfony upgrade. The second involves adding options to set default encoding and…

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Symfony: sfDoctrineGuardPlugin and Customizing User Profile

sfDoctrineGuardPlugin provides basic authentication. sf_guard_user table only contains minimal fields to make this feature work. All other user relevant information such as name, birthday, contact numbers etc require a new table sf_guard_user_profile that works with this. However at the moment user profile setup is poorly documented from the official plugin page.