HTML5 placeholder attribute for IE9 and prior

One of the many nice features introduced in HTML5 is placeholder attribute for form fields, which is very useful to show helpful hints for the field. This can be done with JavaScript but it’s even better being native to HTML5. That is, until you use browser that doesn’t support HTML5, like IE9 (and before). There are…

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HTML: Tab character

There is no tab character in html. To indent text on web page like a tab in word processors, this can still be achieved. Prefix the text with the required number of space char  . This is not a nice way. The code looks messy. Or a better way, use CSS. Define the margin-left.

CSS: Tableless table

Table layout can be achieved without <table> in html, but with <div> and CSS. Define CSS: Tableless table: Using <span>? Do not use <span> to define table cell. According to specification, width property does not apply to in-line elements, which includes <span>.