CSS and IE: Opacity

Image / element transparency is controlled by CSS property opacity. eg, However, IE (surprised?!) V8 and prior does not understand this property.

CSS and IE: clear

I always have a clear class in my CSS to clear any floating elements: And commonly used in html code such as follows:

CSS and IE: Fixed Position

One of the things that’s not supported in Internet Explorer, the CSS ‘position: fixed;‘ It works in IE7 and after.=, but not in older versions. Thought people should upgrade their browser, there are still users limited to the older version. (why don’t you use firefox???!!!) To cater for these users, there’s a fix.

IE in Firefox

As much as I try to avoid IE and try to promote Firefox or any other open source browsers, IE still dominates the browser market. As web developer I still need to ensure the site works and looks right on IE. But it’s a pain having to open (and wait for it to load) and close…

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