WordPress: qTranslate disabled itself

At the time of writing this post, a WordPress site was upgraded to V3.6 and qTranslate plugin was broken. When editing a page or post, the editor does not allow editing the languages and there’s a message displayed above the editor: The qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because it hasn’t been tested with your WordPress version…

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Setup a Multilingual WordPress website with qTranslate

I have mentioned in a previous post that qTranslate is one of the essential WordPress plugins to setup a multilingual site. I ended up choosing this plugin because it’s SEO-friendly and it’s easy to manage content – all languages are edited in the same post / page. The default languages for the plugin are German,…

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Form Test Plugin for b2evolution to prevent spams

No one likes getting spams. This blog has been getting lots of spams with non-sense messages until this plugin is installed. It can’t prevent comments submitted manually and intentionally, but it prevents automated submissions. I decided to develop this plugin since there isn’t one available. Well… there was one but it was for older versions…

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