SMF: Recover deleted topic

Important: you must have a backup of the database with deleted topic. If not, you might as well skip this post. Instruction here is based on SMF V1.1.x and uses phpmyadmin. It’s a free browser based MySQL administration tool. But if you’re a MySQL expert or you’re using a different database, you can still work out SQL and…

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SMF: Takes forever to load a page

I had this problem with a site built with SMF. The page load time is about 18 secs. But the page load is normal (less than a second) when logged in as admin user. If enabled and depends on the theme, the forum will show somewhere on the page the time to load the current page….

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SMF: Rename index.php

In SMF, everything is driven / processed by index.php. Files with this name is also used as the default startup page when a website / directory is accessed. If you don’t want to use the forum as the default page and want to write your own, one way is to install the forum in a…

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ntegrating SMF with your website

If you don’t want to use any standard CMS package and want to write your own, read this how-to post . SMF also provides integration hooks where you can write your own functions without modifying the code. read this guide .