Upgraded Symfony and failed in sfCoreAutoload

One of the development projects was upgraded from Symfony V142 to the latest V144. My convention for the development is to symbolic link the symfony core files under lib/vendor directory. After the upgrade, the browser displayed blank page with the following error logged: PHP Warning: sfCoreAutoload::require(/config/sfProjectConfiguration.class.php) [sfcoreautoload.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or…

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Symfony: Hacking sfDoctrineActAsSignablePlugin to allow updated and created by specific user

I’m using sfDoctrineActAsSignablePlugin (V1.0.0) to audit record creation and updates. ie fields created_by and updated_by are automatically created and updated. This is perfect when running from browsers. But when running as command line such as loading initial data (via symfony doc:build –all –and-load) or customized task to import data, the fields are set to null….

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