WordPress: Expose username fix and hide author page

It’s inevitable that hackers want to break into your site. With some of the WordPress-based sites I managed, I’m surprised to find that no matter what username changed to, even if the name is very cryptic, there are hacking attempts with those usernames! I looked everywhere to ensure username is not exposed yet they could…

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WordPress: Globally update URL

In WordPress, instead of using relative URL when referring to posts, pages and images used within the site, absolute url is used. This becomes a problem if your development site and production sites are different. All links and images in contents are still referencing the development site even though the site has moved to production. This…

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WordPress: An Alternative Manual Upgrade

There are a few reasons why I don’t like automatic upgrade. It updates the site directly. Even though there are backups, it’s a pain to roll back if something goes wrong. It also doesn’t work on servers that doesn’t have internet presence. There’s manual update instruction, which is also directly updates the site. This documents an alternative…

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