PuTTY and Chinese

I’m working on a Yii-based project which requires to display chinese. This isn’t a problem because the framework already caters for multilanguages.

The problem is editing the translation file.

FYI I develop projects on Linux servers and use PuTTY to connect to the server.

PuTTY… that’s where the problem lies. it can’t display Chinese characters. Characters become dots after copy-and-paste. Characters becomes garbled after editing the files. And the problem list goes on…

If files are edited via notepad on Windows and ftp-ed to server, there are always some garbage characters in the beginning of the file.

After some research I found this on how to configure putty to do what I want.

First, select a font that can display Chinese, from config > Window > Appearance > Font settings > Change.

Next, change the character encoding, From config > Window > Translation > \Character set, select UTF-8.

Now putty should be able to display Chinese characters. And you should be able to edit files with Chinese characters.

I believe the same setting can be applied to any other languages as well.

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